1. Copyrighted Material: Respect the rights of fellow creators. Do not submit music that contains copyrighted material not owned by you. We don't mind samples or covers, but any content that might lead to legal issues please don't bother uploading because it will be deleted. Let's keep it original and promote fair use and creativity.

2. Overly Vulgar Content: We aim to create a welcoming space for all listeners. Please avoid submitting music with excessively vulgar or explicit content. Remember, music can be powerful without relying on explicit language, and this guideline helps maintain a positive atmosphere for our diverse community.

3. Professional Mixing and Mastering: Ensure your music is a joy to listen to by submitting tracks that have been mixed and mastered. High-quality productions not only showcase your abilities, but the increased quality enhances the overall experience for our audience. Let's strive for excellence together.

4. Adherence to NOLIFECLUB.NET's Curation Criterion: While we celebrate diversity, submitted tracks should align with our curation criterion. This criterion embraces various genres, styles, and artistic expressions, fostering a cohesive musical experience for our community. Keep the creativity flowing within these boundaries.

5. Monetization and Ad Revenue: By submitting your music, you agree to forgo any rights pertaining to monetization or ad revenue related to your content on our platform. This allows us to keep the platform accessible to everyone while supporting independent artists. If you have any concerns about this, please reach out to our support team.

6. Removal Requests: You retain the option to request the removal of your media at any time. Simply email our support team at [email protected] with the subject line "Removal Request." Include all relevant details regarding your request, and we'll promptly assist you in ensuring your content is handled according to your preferences.

Thank you for being a part of NOLIFECLUB.NET!

Your adherence to these guidelines helps create a vibrant and respectful space for professionals. We look forward to experiencing your creativity passing on.