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NLC Smart Contract Launched!

June 15

NOLIFECLUB.NET, our personal pet project focused on curating user-generated content in the visual and musical arts, recently marked a significant milestone with the launch of its innovative smart contract. This contract introduces the NLC token, a unique digital asset that rewards users for engaging with the platform through its web application or mobile app. Users who create accounts on NOLIFECLUB.NET can join one of two competing factions, vying for dominance within the network. The winning faction members enjoy exclusive perks, cosmetic swag, tokens, and increased control over the platform’s operations.

One distinctive feature of NOLIFECLUB.NET’s smart contract is its dynamic sell tax mechanism. As trading volume and buy pressure increase, the contract’s sell tax rate also rises. Those who decide to sell during periods of heightened taxation not only incur the elevated tax but also cover the gas fee required to distribute dividend rewards to token holders, starting from the top percentile down. Moreover, their transactions are front-run, meaning the contract executes the sale before the seller can finalize it. This innovative approach aims to incentivize responsible profit-taking by taxing the initial seller at a slightly higher rate rather than penalizing those seeking to collect profits.

The mastermind behind this groundbreaking smart contract is Jason Ansell, the founder of Get Money Digital. 

Leveraging Get Money Digital’s fiat ramp and intuitive API, NOLIFECLUB.NET’s community exchange is powered, fostering investment development from around the world. With this collaboration, NOLIFECLUB.NET is at the forefront of revolutionizing blockchain dividends. The partnership with Get Money Digital signifies a pivotal step towards shaping the future of dividends in the blockchain ecosystem, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and community empowerment.

We look forward to seeing what the community creates as we begin our alpha!


June 15
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NOLIFECLUB.NET is a streaming service that allows content creators and fans to interact and earn NLC token.

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Proverbs 14:23

NOLIFECLUB.NET © 2023. All rights reserved.