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suck my balls
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[Image: .eJwNi9tugyAAQP_FD1CgIRl92-La1QmuFrvpy1L...UzoUh1Eto8]

We all hate long ass rule posts so I'll try to keep this brief for the sake of time. 

These rules are necessary as they prevent shitposters and toddlers from running rampant and unchecked. Please read through these guidelines so we all can play nice.

  • Warnings (Heat) last for 1 month before they are purged. 
  • You are given 3 warnings before action will be taken. 
  • Just because we are lax does NOT mean you can evade them. 
  • Logs are kept and repeat offenders WILL be dealt with.



Drawing the beauty of the human body is one thing; drawing for the sake of a good old fashioned wank will get your thread locked and net you a warning. Save it for /h/ or something.


You can self-plug as much as you want in the Showcase section of our forum when you reach 10 posts. We don't care about your fake Viagra pills, tricks your Doctor doesn't want you to know... and we especially don't give a fuck about bots. Offenders will receive a warning.


We're not a hugbox. That's after Movie Nights when we're all drunk and confused about our sexualities. Blatantly racist comments (think hard R N word), trolling / shitposting will get you SHITBOXED for a week. It's the equivalent of having inter-galactic jumper cables attached to your balls. Not fun at all.


Making another account to evade being banned or sharing accounts will get you banned for 1 month. Deal with your sentence. Dodging the Shitbox punishment on our Discordfor example, will automatically ban you from the server. Don't screw yourself over.

Plagarism / Scamming

Stealing someone's hard work is never cool. We treat it like you're stealing money directly out of our pockets. If you are caught ripping lyrics, art, songs from members, commercial / copyrighted work and so forth, you will be permabanned. The same applies if you are caught scamming be it on
a commission, selling a beat, etc. 

If we have evidence to support you are infringing on written contracts, we will go through the proper channels, and you will be reported to your local authorities. Sampling, references, callbacks, and obvious shit that isn't stealing is exempt from this.


Posting information about ANYONE (residential address, private social media, full names, family members, phone numbers) other than yourself without explicit consent will result in a permaban. Privacy is respected here. They might also return the favor and we honestly can't help you.

Thank you very much for joining us! Honestly we're one big, fucked-up family. 

12-29-2016, 07:46 AM
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